10 Questions to Discuss with a Psychometrician BEFORE Applying for Accreditation

The implementation and documentation of exam development activities plays an essential part in the accreditation process. A strong partnership between the certifying organization and its psychometric vendor, or consultant, helps create a realistic exam development and maintenance plan consistent with accreditation requirements and best practice.

Right from the start, engage your psychometrician as a partner in the organization’s goal to achieve accreditation. This enables the psychometrician to propose the appropriate scope of services, including required reporting and documentation. It also helps the certifying organization ensure selection of an individual or team with the necessary experience and familiarity with the selected accreditation standard.

Strong program policies are the backbone of successful certification programs. One of the critical ways organizations put policies into action is through a psychometrically sound certification exam process (including development, maintenance, administration, and scoring). For this reason, asking the psychometrician to review the program’s exam development policies helps ensure policies reflect best practice, accurately capture the processes used, and build a joint understanding between the psychometrician and program managers.

Learning the “ins and outs” of how the accreditation process and related exam development requirements takes time. Start with SeaCrest’s top 10 questions certifying organizations should discuss with their psychometrician as they work towards the goal of achieving accreditation.