Mission, Vision, Experience, Core Values


SeaCrest partners with credentialing programs to increase public safety and benefit the workforce by providing expert guidance and customized solutions to organizations seeking to develop new programs/products, achieve accreditation, increase quality, develop strategy, and improve stakeholder communications.


SeaCrest believes credentialing makes a difference to professionals and the public. Certification programs are dynamic, evolving and changing overtime. Every program, no matter their size, can make a positive impact. SeaCrest will be the leader in providing solutions for organizations to increase the value and credibility of new or existing credentialing programs.


SeaCrest’s team are credentialing experts, experienced in professional certification, strategy development, and third-pary accreditation. SeaCrest leverages this experience to develop customized solutions for each client. 

Core Values

  • Protect the public and strengthen the workforce by improving the overall performance and quality of certification programs.

  • Understand and value the unique expertise and experience of each client.

  • Demonstrate integrity through professional communication, objective recommendations, and tangible results.

  • Foster professional relationships founded in respect and the desire to improve the overall quality of credentialing.

  • Serve the credentialing industry by volunteering to serve on boards and committees, sharing knowledge through presentations and publications, and supporting research efforts.