New Credential Development

Developing and launching a new credentialing program is an important strategic decision. SeaCrest guides the organization’s leadership through a decision-making process to select the best product (certification, certificate, etc.) for the target audience and purpose of the program. Our consultants also provide experienced project management through all phases of new program development.
Shannon Carter | Chief Executive Officer, Competency & Credentialing Institute
SeaCrest’s principals, Cynthia Allen and Janice Moore, have worked in senior positions with the National Organization of Competency Assurance (NOCA) and their accrediting arm the National Commission on Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Cynthia and Janice are experts in the NCCA accreditation process and know how to develop programs that are consistent with those standards. That expertise combined with their experience in association management brings a unique perspective to the certification program development process. In addition to being experts in the field, they are professional, responsive and perform high quality work.

Feasibility Studies

SeaCrest partners with organizations to research the feasibility of new credentialing products or gather data to inform decisions for existing programs. Through discussions facilitated by our team, the organization defines research goals. SeaCrest consultants work collaboratively with the organization to design a study that gathers information necessary to inform decision making. Feasibility studies generally follow three phases:

    • Information gathering – study goals, target audience(s), market analysis, etc.
    • Survey development – survey tool, pilot testing, survey administration
    • Additional data collection – focus groups or one-on-one interviews as needed
    • Analysis – results, findings, and recommendations

Designed for organizations seeking data to inform strategic decision making related to new or existing programs.

New Program Planning

Using the framework of accreditation standards and best practices provides guidance for managing the complexities of new program development. SeaCrest consultants guide the process from planning to implementation. Leveraging our extensive experience, our team uses a holistic, organized approach to develop the product that includes:

    • Business planning
    • Governance and structure design
    • Program criteria development
    • Policy development
    • Marketing and communications strategy development
    • Assessment development in partnership with psychometric consultants
    • Launch planning

Designed for organizations planning their first credentialing program or the addition of a new credentialing product.

Project Management

Once plans and timelines are in place, SeaCrest consultants provide active project management to keep tasks on track and in line with best practices while coordinating the organization’s staff, committees, consultants, and vendor activities.

Designed for organizations interested in taking on new projects or keeping up with existing projects without expanding the existing staff team.


SeaCrest provides a wide range of ongoing program leadership and project management services. Refer to our Credentialing Services for more information.



Building a Certification Program: How an Experienced Partner Impacts Critical Decisions a case study on our work with the Behavior Intervention Certification Council (BICC).


To Certify or Not: 6 Questions to Guide Strategic Decision Making, a valuable tool to guide a discussion and decision to launch a new program.


Exploring New Directions: Conducting a Feasibility Study for a Potential New Credential, a case study of the feasibility study conducted for an organization considering an advanced-level credential.


ICE White Paper – Governing for Success: Establishing a Governance Structure to Support Certification Program Operations