Teachable Toolkits

SeaCrest believes in the value of learning from experts with experience across multiple programs and industries. We also believe that programs, no matter their size, can make a positive impact with the right information. SeaCrest’s Teachable Toolkits are designed to provide information, resources, and templates to help programs in specific credentialing topics. The purpose of the toolkit is not to copy and paste but rather learn and customize. Toolkits are particularly helpful for organizations new to certification, those without on-staff expertise, or budget restrictions.

The following toolkits are available for purchase.

Certification Governing Body Onboarding Kit

A step-by-step guide to developing an orientation and onboarding process for certification governing body members.

Volunteers serving on a certification governing body, commonly referred to as a board or council, perform best when they recognize their roles and responsibilities. That extends to understanding their authority and limitations as well as knowing how their role fits within the certifying organization, how their responsibilities are distinct from any parent or association Board of Directors, and how they should work within best practices and/or applicable accreditation standards for certification programs. The Certification Governing Body Onboarding Toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to developing an orientation and onboarding process for certification governing body members. The toolkit includes a template orientation presentation, checklists, and detailed guidance. 

Purchase the toolkit for $195.

Quality Management Systems

A quality management system (QMS) helps ensure program activities are delivered as intended and adhere to best practice. The proactive system promotes consistency in the implementation of the program policies and procedures. The result of consistency is a commitment to fairness and standardization for candidates.

Third-party accreditors for professional certification programs require a proactive mechanism, or system, to address quality assurance and improvement.

The QMS is a holistic, dynamic system that requires careful planning and ongoing attention. The system should meet accreditation requirements, if applicable, and also be realistic for the organization to implement.

 The Quality Management Toolkit

SeaCrest designed a toolkit for organizations struggling to develop and implement a comprehensive quality management system. It provides a working framework along with helpful guidance and considerations for establishing a program that achieves the desired results.

Toolkit Contents

Quality management systems are more than the sum of their parts. Understanding how the pieces fit together to provide quality assurance and improvement is key. The Quality Management toolkit includes the basic framework for developing a quality management system customized to work for your certification program and organization. The toolkit is organized in 4 sections:

Introduction – An overview of basic quality management components and processes.

Develop – Guidelines and tools to create a customized quality management system built to suit the needs of your organization.

Launch – Templates, checklists, and worksheets to guide implementation of the quality management system.

Maintain – Tips and tools for continuous evaluation and system improvement.

Work through the toolkit in an easy-to-use, online toolkit platform with resources and tools available for download. Purchase the Quality Management Systems Toolkit for Certification programs for $895. Include up to 5 hours of consulting time with your toolkit purchase for $1,570.

Creating Successful RFPs for Certification Programs

This toolkit is designed to help certifying organizations develop a Request for Proposals (RFP) for examination development and/or examination administration activities. While the scope of this toolkit focuses on examination development and examination administration services, users may adapt the guidelines and tools for other types of RFPs. The toolkit includes a complete RFP template to customize to each program or organization.

The toolkit addresses three main areas:

Developing the RFP – key considerations to develop the RFP including scope of work, timeline, and criteria to review the proposals.

Distributing the RFP – key considerations in distributing the RFP and managing the process to collect proposals and conduct interviews.

Analyzing the Proposals – key considerations for analyzing the proposals, applying review criteria, and selecting a partner.

Purchase the toolkit for $295 and start creating a comprehensive RFP today.

Threat Analysis Toolkit

Organizations offering certification programs conduct a threat analysis to accomplish two goals: (1) identify risks to the ability to make decisions, operate impartially, and carry out the organization’s purpose; and (2) to develop plans or identify strategies to mitigate the potential damage from the identified risks.

Use this toolkit as a guide to complete a threat analysis for your certification program. The toolkit includes a customized template for your organization and program. 

Purchase the toolkit for $195.