Accreditation Strategy

SeaCrest provides strategic partnership to organizations seeking certification program accreditation. SeaCrest conducts a comprehensive gap analysis against the selected standard, recommends corrective actions, prepares the application, and provides ongoing accreditation compliance monitoring.

Services encompass initial accreditation and re-accreditation for professional certification programs seeking accreditation from the American Board of Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC), ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)/International Accreditation Service (IAS), and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

J.Van Valkenburg | PhD, RPA, RT, CBRPA Executive Director
SeaCrest was very helpful in understanding the NCCA standards and what is required for the accreditation application. They provided very good guidance, direction and gracious answers to questions that gave excellent insight. The work that SeaCrest did exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful for everything they have done for our organization.

Gap Analysis

SeaCrest conducts a complete review to determine a program’s readiness to apply for initial or re-accreditation. This process includes a detailed analysis of the current level of compliance with each standard and recommendations for improvements and/or corrective actions needed to prepare a successful accreditation application.

The gap analysis report provides a valuable and unbiased program review and strengthens understanding of the accreditation standards.

Designed for programs seeking initial accreditation and programs preparing for re-accreditation.

Corrective Actions

SeaCrest partners with organizations to develop a project plan and implement the changes necessary to prepare for accreditation. Changes may include: governance structure, preparing/revising policy and procedure documents, candidate handbook revision, development of a quality management system, and changes in exam development or administration. Our team partners with the organization’s staff or leads the implementation process. Implementing corrective actions ensures that program documentation is complete, up-to-date, accurate, and compliant with the standards.

Designed for programs interested in maximizing the likelihood of successful initial accreditation or re-accreditation application.

Application Preparation

Guidance through the accreditation application process includes: managing the project timeline; drafting the application form; gathering required documentation; and organizing, formatting, and submitting all application materials. Engaging SeaCrest saves valuable staff time and gives you access to our team’s experience and understanding of how the standards are applied and interpreted. Leveraging this experience helps ensure that the application is complete, well organized, and fully addresses all elements of the standards to minimize reviewer inquiries and delays in the application review process.

Designed for programs seeking an experienced partner to prepare the application efficiently.

Accreditation Compliance

SeaCrest’s accreditation compliance service area includes customized tools to track ongoing accreditation compliance, one-on-one consultation our team members, updates on changes to standards and interpretations, and opportunities to connect with other accredited organizations. This subscription-based service supports accreditation maintenance and provides a proactive and structured focus on required tasks for accredited programs.

Accreditation compliance subscription services include a customized annual compliance checklist, access to quarterly accreditation webinars, quarterly personalized accountability sessions, preparation of annual report/surveillance forms for accreditation, an annual quality assurance internal audit, and discounted on-call consulting.

Designed for programs invested in continual accreditation compliance.



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