Accreditation Strategy

SeaCrest provides strategic partnership to organizations seeking certification program accreditation. Our team conducts a comprehensive gap analysis against the selected standard, recommends corrective actions, prepares the application, and provides ongoing accreditation compliance monitoring.


Credentialing Services

SeaCrest strategically partners with credentialing organizations to manage projects, lead programs, conduct feasibility studies, provide governance and organizational restructuring consultation, evaluate program performance, and plan strategically for the future.


New Credential Development

Developing and launching a new credentialing program is an important strategic decision. SeaCrest guides the organization’s leadership through a decision-making process to select the best product (certification, certificate, etc.) for the target audience and purpose of the program. Our consultants also provide experienced project management through all phases of new program development.


Quality Management

SeaCrest works with credentialing organizations to design quality management systems or improve existing quality programs. Whether your organization seeks to improve overall quality or needs to develop a quality management system to meet accreditation requirements, our consultants are experienced in designing and implementing quality assurance and improvement processes.