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Accreditation Counseling

SeaCrest offers the following services for programs seeking initial or renewal accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), American National Standards Institute Personnel Accreditation (ANSI), and American Board of Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC):

  • Program Evaluation: A complete review to determine a program’s readiness to apply for accreditation. Includes a detailed written report assessing the current level of compliance with each standard, guidance on the interpretation of the standards, recommendations for improvements and/or changes needed to achieve a positive accreditation decision.

  • Change Implementation: Assistance implementing changes needed to prepare for the accreditation process. Changes may include: governance structure, preparing/revising policy and procedure documents, candidate handbook revision, and changes in exam development or administration.

  • Application Preparation: Guidance through the accreditation application process including completing the application form; gathering and preparing needed documentation; and organizing, producing, and submitting all application materials.

  • Application Review: In-depth review of a program’s accreditation application(s) with a detailed report of all areas that need to be addressed before the application is submitted to the accrediting body.

Download an information sheet on our accreditation counseling services.

Marketing and Communications

SeaCrest offers the following services in the area of marketing/communications:

  • Communications Audit

    SeaCrest’s experienced staff will conduct a thorough assessment of your current communication program to address questions that will help us understand how you communicate and why. The audit will result in a detailed report outlining the answers to these questions, and others, that will give you insight into your communications plan from an outside, objective view. The audit report provides the foundation for effective strategy development.

  • Strategy Development

    SeaCrest will develop a comprehensive marketing/communications plan that incorporates specific, prioritized recommendations to improve communications to your target audiences. We consider your needs, as well as the needs of each unique audience, to customize action steps that fit your mission, goals and budget.

  • Implementation/Project Management

    Too often organizations develop plans that end up gathering dust on the shelf. SeaCrest guides its clients as they implement the recommended action steps by generating timelines, writing content, managing distribution, and developing reports so you know what’s working and what’s not.

Download an information sheet on our marketing and communications services.

Program Performance & Efficiency Audit

Who is a program performance and efficiency audit designed for? All certification programs, accredited or not, benefit from a comprehensive evaluation process that informs the Board’s strategic planning process. Conduct an audit for these reasons:

  • Avoid liability and develop a risk management plan
  • As part of a periodic, quality improvement process
  • Rescue or re-launch a struggling program
  • Prepare for an accreditation application (initial or renewal)
  • In response to an adverse situation

What does the evaluation include? SeaCrest uses a systematic approach to evaluate all areas of a professional certification program including governance, policies and procedures, candidate materials, examination process and documentation, marketing programs, recertification process and more.

When will SeaCrest complete the project? The evaluation process typically takes 4 – 6 weeks.

Why is this service valuable to your program? Our detailed report will inform and educate your staff and volunteer leaders on the best practices in the industry and identify areas for improvement to maintain a legally defensible, quality program that is valuable to your stakeholders.

Download an information sheet on our program evaluation services.

Certification Program Management

SeaCrest believes in offering flexible options to ensure certifying agencies have access to the expertise they need. We provide full-service or project-specific program management tailored to the unique needs of each organization. We work with you to identify these needs and assemble a team that will achieve your mission and promote growth.

Project specific management includes:

  • Program Evaluation – detailed analysis of the certification program and governance structure with the goal of increasing efficiency and improving functionality. Our goal is to help organizations understand the best practices in the industry and maintain a legally defensible, quality program.

  • Test development – manage the test development and maintenance process in conjunction with the organization’s testing vendor and/or psychometric consultant.

  • Marketing and communications – manage communications with certificants and other stakeholders, promote the certification program, and develop messaging that is compelling to the intended audience.

  • Web site management – your Web site is the window to your organization. Keeping it up to date with relevant content and resources is essential to ensure stakeholders continue to visit and use it.

Download an information sheet on our certification program management services.

Starting a Certification Program

Our focus is working with organizations interested in starting a new certification program using a holistic approach that includes business planning, marketing and communications strategy development, development of an appropriate governance structure, and assessment development.

With more than 15 years of combined experience in the certification industry, we can help you start a new program by providing the following services:

  • Determine the feasibility of a certification program for the intended audience
  • Serve as the project manager/director and provide expert advice on governance, test development, marketing, and program management
  • Serve as a liaison to the volunteer leaders charged with governing the program
  • Manage all activities of the Certification Board or Committee and provide guidance as needed
  • Create an appropriate organizational and governance structure for the certification program
  • Develop policies and procedures for the certification program
  • Identify and partner with appropriate psychometric consultation and test administration services (as needed) and serve as a liaison to ensure seamless implementation of necessary steps
  • Provide project management for the test development process
  • Create a Candidate Handbook, web site content, and other communications documents
  • Create and implement a marketing plan for the new certification program
  • Provide oversight to ensure the new certification program is developed to meet the industry best practices and/or accreditation standards

Download an information sheet on our services for starting a new certification program.


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