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Fast Track Your Certification Program Accreditation

SeaCrest has successfully guided more than 140 certification programs through the accreditation process.
Learn more about our proven, three-step approach.




Accreditation Counseling

Using a proven, three-step process, SeaCrest prepares your program for accreditation by ABSNC, ANSI or NCCA.


Marketing and Communications

SeaCrest uses customized solutions to help your program communicate better with all stakeholders and promote the value of your certification. 


Program Performance & Efficiency Audit

SeaCrest conducts comprehensive evaluations that inform the Board’s strategic planning process and improve efficiency.


Certification Program Management

SeaCrest offers flexible options to ensure certifying agencies have access to the expertise they need to succeed. We provide full-service or project-specific program management tailored to the unique needs of each organization.


Starting a Certification Program

SeaCrest uses a holistic approach to guide organizations starting a new program, including the development of a business plan, an appropriate governance and operational structure, communications strategy, candidate materials, policy & procedures and staffing models.


Strategic Planning

Effective planning, both short and long term, is one of the foundations of a successful program.  SeaCrest leads programs through an interactive process to set strategic goals.



Experience. Knowledge. Commitment.

Our team uses unmatched expertise and insight into accreditation for certifying agencies to benefit our clients. Accreditation from an objective, third party has become increasingly important as certifying and governmental agencies seek to protect the public and ensure their programs meet quality standards of practice.

Our consultants use the SeaCrest core values of quality, professionalism, and efficiency to deliver results. The SeaCrest approach is based on providing expert guidance, innovative management techniques, and customized solutions for organizations seeking our services.

SeaCrest is a member of the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) and the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).



A hands-on approach to assessing the unique organizational structure, needs and culture of each client. The evaluation/audit allows consultants to see into the organization as an objective, third party. The client receives unbiased information about the status and progress of their organization or project.

Recognize Uniqueness

Determine what makes the client unique to the stakeholders they serve and customize recommended solutions to fit that environment.

Utilize Expertise

SeaCrest has successfully guided more than 90 programs through the ABSNC, ANSI, and NCCA accreditation processes.

Implement Change

Seek to promote professionalism by meeting deadlines, assuring quality work, and producing tangible results.

Leverage Resources

Taking advantage of resources is twofold. First, is to take advantage of our years of experience in the professional certification industry to provide the services clients need to achieve their goals. Secondly, work with clients to evaluate the resources and expertise they have and currently use before determining a course of action.

Achieve Results

Clearly define objectives and tools to evaluate project status and progress. Provide clients with tactics to achieve realistic and achievable results in a timely and agreed upon manner.

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